Ts 570 service manual

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In short the quality Dital Snal Processing (DSP) help you in all modes in discrimining weak snals in extracting them from the noise and interference or enhancing your modulation in tailoring your audio.

Kenwood TS-570DG - YouTube

However the way that the DSP has been desned reduces somewhat its performances.

KENWOOD TS-<strong>570D</strong>/SG HF/HF+6m

TS-570D G TS-570S G -

It was already a good indication of ham interests in this model. I can say that being able to work bare foot 85 DX entities in SSB during the 48-hour CQ WW contest (last weekend of october) could be interpreted as a sn of excellence for such a small r (note that the best operators using hh power and a large beam reach 150 DX entities) !

Kenwood TS-570D review - AstroSurf

At very few exceptions, all reviewers, from stateside and europeans appreciated much this new transceiver because of its performances, its affordable price (in 2002 a new one cost 1700 or $1100), its reduced volume and weht as well as its attracting look. The technology used in this transceiver explains its performances, although we will have to ponder this appreciation from a cal point of view.

Ts 570 service manual:

Rating: 88 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates