Ts 570 service manual

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It was already a good indication of ham interests in this model. I can say that being able to work bare foot 85 DX entities in SSB during the 48-hour CQ WW contest (last weekend of october) could be interpreted as a sn of excellence for such a small r (note that the best operators using hh power and a large beam reach 150 DX entities) !

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At very few exceptions, all reviewers, from stateside and europeans appreciated much this new transceiver because of its performances, its affordable price (in 2002 a new one cost 1700 or $1100), its reduced volume and weht as well as its attracting look. The technology used in this transceiver explains its performances, although we will have to ponder this appreciation from a cal point of view.

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Anyway, as wrote Kenwood in its ads, this r includes a "computer-based human interface that provides effortless operation and even on-line information" with an affordable DSP. Kenwood TS-570D can be considered as a portable transceiver.


For many years I had the intention to replace my old analog and tubes HF transceiver by a new solid-state model working exclusively from 160 to 10 m in CW, USB and LSB modes with some excursions in AM and dital modes.

Ts 570 service manual:

Rating: 97 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates