Teraoka scale ds-425 manual

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DS-425 - Rice Lake Wehing Systems

Sa, S3a, S5, S11, S15, S18, S20, S21, S24, S26-S28, and an S7 variant showed changes in mass that were consistent with N-terminal demethionylation and/or acetylation (S5 and S27 also appeared to be internally formylated and acetylated, respectively).

Standard Wehing Scales DI

S23 appeared to be internally hydroxylated or methylated.

A novel quadripartite dsRNA virus isolated from a

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Of 41 proteins observed, 36 corresponded to the 32 rat 40 S ribosomal proteins with known sequences (S3, S5, S7, and S24 presented in two forms).

A novel quadripartite dsRNA virus isolated from a

The observed masses of S4, S6-S8, S13, S15a, S16, S17, S19, S27a, S29, and S30 matched those predicted.

Teraoka scale ds-425 manual:

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