Switch hp a5120-24g manual

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Using the Command Line Interface CLI - FTP Directory

This means the HP v1910 uses it’s own routing table to send traffic from VLAN 1 to VLAN 10. My laptop sits on VLAN 1 on IP Address 192.1 using the HP v1910G as it’s default gateway on 192.1 I have five VLAN Interfaces created which can be found under Network Summary Behind VLAN 10 is a device with IP Address .11, which I can ping Next, I’m going to remove the VLAN Interface for VLAN 10 Don’t worry, the VLAN is still in play, we just have removed the ability to route between subnets.

Solved Web Management with A5120-EI Series

Now if we ping the same device we get an epic fail.

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How to enable Jumbo Frames on a HP ProCurve

Notice we get a reply from 192.1 which isn’t an VLAN IP Address.

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The reason for this is that 192.1 is the default gateway for our HP v1910G.

Switch hp a5120-24g manual:

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