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Same basic DVD player functions: pause, play, rewind, record Storage capacity: New improved capacity of 280 hours of regular TV or 55 hours of HD TVInternal hard drive capacity: 500 GB — enhanced storage space and greater storage capacity Hh-definition dital snal with a maximum resolution of 1080i offering a 16:9 widescreen format Composite (YPb Pr) or HDMI outputs RCA, S-Video and Dital Audio outputs Dolby Dital TM 5.1 Optical Audio output CD-quality surround sound with Dolby Dital TM AC-3 output Integrated receiver, no need for additional equipment Dimensions (cm): 40 x 27 x 8Non-supported Connection: Ethernet: non-supported, Fire Wire: non-supported, e SATA: non-supported, USB 2.0: non-supported You can access our Help Portal from the main menu, or go to, where you’ll find instructional videos and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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To access the Help Portal from the illico TV main menu, press “MENU” on your remote control, select “My illico,” then select “What’s new.”You may have activated the Terminal’s “Mute” function while programming the remote control by pressing “OK/SELECT” and “MUTE.” If this is the case, press the “VOL ” button on your Terminal.

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If this does not solve the problem, reboot the Terminal by following the instructions opposite.

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If the problem still persists, please contact Videotron cal Support at 1-877-380-2611.

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