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I have the same problem with a TDC-15 (there are a few manufacturers who appear to make the same cam) - each time I try to download a pic from my cam it says "IC Number Incorrect." I have tried downloading more up-to-date drivers, but it appears to do the same thing with each one. I have now installed it on Win XP and it works fine (yeah, the pics are naff unless taken in natural sunlht, but they work! So if anyone has any trouble with installing on Win98, then I'd assume that the cam/drivers just don't work on Win98 - even though it says it should do! Ben Is there a difference between the TDC-15 and the TDC-12...

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Hi, I posted my email address a while back to help people who have the TDC-15 cam but no drivers. I bought my Mini Cam TDC-12 at a rummage sale and my computer won't except it.

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Current assessment - DITRON you have to be joking. The low reolution setting is shown in the window on the front of the camera and shows Lr. The booklet that comes with the camera explains this.i just bought a mini camera, and it sends me to the webcam mode whenever i try to upload the pictures i have taken. Anyone wants it let me know at [email protected](put ' TDC-15' in the subject somewhere so I can find the e-mail!

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I don't have the instruction booklet, but i was hoping someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong.. ) Hope that helps someone Chris Check this address and see if the photo looks like your camera. url is I had installed the drivers on Win98 and webcam worked fine, but couldn't download pics I'd taken.

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