Marantz solid state recorder pmd670 manual

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Field Recording Equipment Borror Laboratory of

There are two setups desned for hh quality recordings: the new MOTU Ultralht setup allows recording directly onto the resident computer & Marantz solid-state PMD670 recorder.

Facilities - UT College of Liberal Arts - The University of Texas

The recording studio also contains 3 speakers, 3 headphones (Sony MDR-CD780 and Sennheiser HD 280 pro), 2 Shure SM10A unidirectional head-worn microphones, Superlab button boxes, E-Prime Serial Response Box, and 3 keyboards and mouse.

Musical intervals in speech

Equipment for Audio recording of Speech

This area can accommodate up to four people at a given time.

PMD570 - Elan Audio

Equipment inside the recording studio includes three Dell Optiplex 360 desktops and three 19-inch flat monitors for presenting visuals to the subjects.

Marantz solid state recorder pmd670 manual:

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