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Bottom freezer - Sears Canada

This has been going on for at least a year or longer.

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Also, we can get water from the door dispenser, but not ice.

Bottom freezer - Sears Canada

I have Kenmore Elite refrerator with the

Any suggestions on what may be the problem and how we can fix it? The rakes go around, they lift out the cubes, the tray fills up with water for the next batch. Then throw out the first batch of cubes it drops..will be oily!

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When this is happening the bail wire lifts slhtly to get out of the way from the falling cubes. So without manually dropping the bail wire the next cycle won't begin. This is the second time, before I had a cian come in and he repaired it. Can some one help with what the possible culprit is? Turned out the larger black rubber tube which feeds the tray had frozen solid. By Jane from WITry taking the tray out, they do come out and soak it in vinegar for a bit. We recently moved into a new home and the ice maker is not making ice.

Kenmore trio refrigerator service manual:

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