Handpunch 4000 user manual

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HandPunch Biometric Terminal by Acroprint Time Recorder Company

Brings you the most effective solutions for employee time attendance and workforce management.

ADA Title III cal Assistance Manual

The Scage Biometric Hand Punch 4000 time clocks are equipped with hand geometry technology.

Download Adp <em>Handpunch</em> Le Time Clock <em>Manual</em> free - rutracker

Download Adp Handpunch Le Time Clock Manual free - rutracker

Every time the employee places their hand into the Hand Punch 4000 terminal, the camera takes a 3 dimensional scan of the length, width and heht.

EMPLOYEE PUNCH MACHINE Handpunch 3000 The HandPunch 4000 employee.

It then turns the image into an algorithm and saves it for future verification.

Handpunch 4000 user manual:

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