Handpunch 4000 user manual

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Every time the employee places their hand into the Hand Punch 4000 terminal, the camera takes a 3 dimensional scan of the length, width and heht.

ADA Title III cal Assistance Manual

It then turns the image into an algorithm and saves it for future verification.

<em>HandPunch</em> <em>4000</em>, The Arsenal, Central Park - YouTube

HandPunch 4000, The Arsenal, Central Park - YouTube

Scage Biometrics brings the convenience and accuracy of biometric technology easily within grasp of any time and attendance application with the Hand Punch 4000.

EMPLOYEE PUNCH MACHINE Handpunch 3000 The HandPunch 4000 employee.

In industry’s that range from clean rooms to coal mines, the Scage biometric Hand Punch 4000 time clock has proven itself to be a precise and practical solution for time management and access control.

Handpunch 4000 user manual:

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