Clisp language reference manual

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Macintosh Common Lisp Reference - Clozure CL

C is a systems programming language sometimes described as “a portable assembler” because it was intended to be sufficiently low-level to allow performance comparable to assembler or machine code, but sufficiently hh-level to allow programs to be reused on other platforms with little or no modification.

Using Lisp on CSElabs machines

COBOL was desned by the CODASYL committee in 1959–60 to be a business programming language, and has been extended many times since.

Using Lisp on CSElabs machines

CMUCL User's Manual -!

BASIC is a simple and easily-learned programming language created by T. These descendants invariably have automatic memory management as well.

Memory management in various languages — Memory Pool.

BASIC is now old-fashioned, but survives as a scripting language, in particular in Visual BASIC, which is an application development environment with a BASIC-like scripting language.

Clisp language reference manual:

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