Chicago manual of style hanging hyphen

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Resources for Writers How and When to Use HYPHENS, DASHES.

That is: A trip of four to five days = a four-to-five-day trip (not necessarily in units of one day).

Throw Grammar from the Train Very small things considered

A repayment plan that lasts somewhere between three and five years (maybe four years, maybe 42 months) = a three-to-five-year plan.

Resources for Writers How and When to Use <em>HYPHENS</em>, DASHES.

Hyphens, em dashes, and en dashes—what's the difference? Leff.

(Dating from my days as an actual editor, when I allowed myself a larger collection of pet peeves.) There at AP's online "Ask the Editor" forum* was what I think of as some bad hyphenation advice: The editor is thinking of the construction sometimes ed suspensive hyphen, in which a phrase like "the two-part and three-part inventions" is reduced to "the two- and three-part inventions." Or "a four-nht or five-nht hotel stay" becomes "a four- or five-nht hotel stay." Those suspensive hyphens (with word spaces following them) work when the numbers are treated as units.

The Chicago Manual of Style Documentary-Note Style

You can have a two-part invention or a three-part invention, but not one in between.

Chicago manual of style hanging hyphen:

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