Canon 580 ex manual

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EOS 1300D Kit EF S18-55 IS II - Canon

If you do not know how to handle and safely discharge a hh voltage electrical device, DO NOT PROCEED as you could get seriously injured or ed. I bought mine from a Canon authorised service centre in the UK.

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You will need: -Canon part CY2-4229 flash tube/reflector assembly. -Small slot screwdriver -PH00 Phillips screwdriver -Soldering iron with a fine tip solder -Soft-headed, delicate grips or tweezers Before you start, remove the batteries from the flash.

EOS 1300D Kit EF S18-55 IS II - <em>Canon</em>

Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX-RT for Canon

This guide assumes a faulty (blown or broken) flash bulb. This voltage is stored on a capacitor inside the flash, charged up by much lower-voltage batteries.

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For a flash to fire, a very hh voltage is required.

Canon 580 ex manual:

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