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MPX8 Akai Professional - Iconic music production gear, including.

2 years later in '88, The S1000 was released........ 1992 now and in came the first 3000 series with a basic structure of 32mb standard expanded, 8 poly outs & stereo in/out... The budget S01 - 8 note poly mono-timbrel unit was released.........

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You CAN still get the RAM Boards for this series & below.... The MPC2000 quickly brought the MPC series up to similar spec's with simms ram & the S2000 operating structure, and there was also that Remix-16 DJ phrase-sampler jobbie about which i know nada ..... I worked for over a year with a guy using one of these with a seperate output mod....

<em>Akai</em> S1000 Vintage Synth Explorer

MPC4000 Akai Professional - Iconic music production gear.

AND THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ANY PROSPECTIVE S/H PURCHASER..... In the UK it's 399 retail for the 8mb upgrade ram board !!! (preferably FULLY expanded), cos buying more ram at new prices from Akai for these older units will cost MORE in total for the s/h unit & the ram upgrade than you mht pay for a bger more powerful sampler in the first place....... Finally 1995, and we reach the next generation Akai's which took over using standard cheap 30 pin simms for the ram & adding Flash rom as an option for instant boot up with your choosen sounds....- This series was the S2000 & the XL's - The 3000XL & the 3200XL ..... Once added, there was some mental arithmatic needed to get the sounds to outputs, as it worked on some sorta stacking system, with slots available to outputs, then you had to stack voices to outputs etc... These are both 12 Bit samplers with the harsh Akai sound....

Ask A Question Akai Professional - Iconic

....i believe it was the samplers protocol for putting sounds on outputs & channels that drove him banana's...... they won't come close to an Emax, Roland 'S' or W30 for detail thru synthesis, but....

Akai s1100 manual download:

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