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He also said that he thought that the whole idea of changing the screws holding the PCM in place was preposterous (so did the dealership), since the PCM is grounded anyways and that if it wasn't grounded there would be more problems then stalling.

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Spark Plugs Wires Distributor (Twice)Cap & Rotor Pick Up Coil nition Coil Power Steering Pump O2 sensors (front and back)Timing Sensor (on the block)Crank Shaft Position Sensor (Twice)Fuel Pump (complete assembly with the filter included)Two Hoses top-side of the engine block PVC valves on top of the engine MAP/MAFS Sensor Throttle Position Sensor Idle Control Module Cleaned the Throttle Body Inspected all hoses for leaks numerous times Coolant Temperature Sensor Battery Battery Cables Checked all connections numerous times Checked for the correct readings on all sensors Conducted Ground Test on Circuitry Inspected PCM Harness Inspected PCM Harness Screws Replaced PCM Harness Screws Ensured that they were approx. He's said that he's thorougy checked the harness to the PCM and verified everything is properly grounded.

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1/4 distance out PCMBCMNow, most of that, our mechanic has done. He doesn't believe that it has anything to do with the connections or the wiring.

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My wife and I have owned this Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, straht 6, 4x4, since it had 95k on it. We've maintained it perfectly and always ensure that it is in for its fluid changes early. I re reading a few posts made by members of these forums stating that they had spent every dime they had over a 6 month period trying to fix it, now they are broke and without transportation because it won't start, they can't afford to fix it, the mechanic is clueless, and we thought, ...

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