Uniden hr 2510 service manual

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If you think your unit is toast, or perhaps you have discovered that it’s experienced the full wrath of god’s allmhty gawatts, you probably don’t have to worry.

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Doc can most likely bring your unit back from the crispy death it’s experienced. Send in your crispy critter and see what we can do! Doc can replace and/or upgrade your final transistors in case they’re blown, or you simply want to get more than 50W output on sideband. This varies from radio to radio, and the other components used in it’s orinal manufacturing process.

President HR <strong>2510</strong> <strong>Service</strong> <strong>Manual</strong> free download,schematics.

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Although the performance of your output will vary, Doc has been able to get as much as 50W on Sideband with the stock final transistor, and 10W swinging to 15W, which gives your modulation far more punch to help knock through the noise floor.

President HR 2510 Service Manual free download,schematics.

No, Doc doesn’t do the voodoo, but he has breathed life back into these radios from direct lhtning strikes.

Uniden hr 2510 service manual:

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