Sony mds je510 user manual

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Sony MDS-JE510 - Mini Disc Player Recorder

The page is intended for use by experienced Sony MD deck owners. But if the record function don't work correctly you have to unplug the powercord.

Sony MDS-JE520 MiniDisc Recorder

Follow the news on MDCP and/or try the minidisc calculator which now also handles Hi-MD! The recovery worked on the MDS-JE330, and you can post that on your site. Many thanks for saving me from my own stupidity, Steve Waterhouse ...... I reed seeing something linked to about TOC cloning, so I went there, and thence to your page: This includes, but is not limited to, damage to your equipment, to your data, to other equipment and to other data.


Peter Ravn's MiniDisc page -

Showtopic=8133 Test mode on portable recorders MZ-R55 -90 -91: Set the Hold Key - "Hold on" While the normal mode with the display shows No Disc hold down the Play Key and press the following Keys: FF FF Rev Rev FF Rev FF Rev Pause Pause Remove battery to exit test mode on portables... Hi-MD portables (-NH1, NH600, NH700, NHF800, NH900): Set the Hold Key - "Hold on" Press "" button and hold it Thend press the following keys: FF FF Rev Rev FF Rev FF Rev Pause Pause Release "" button More info: showtopic=8157 (how to increase volume on Euro models) I hope this helps somebody....

Sony eSupport - MDS-JE510 - Support

Sony introduces Hi-MD 1 GB blanks with almost 8 hours playtime (Hi-SP)! I followed your instructions, on my Sony MDS-JE630 deck, and it worked like a charm! I hereby reject any liability or responsibility, whatsoever, for consequences resulting from the use of this information.

Sony mds je510 user manual:

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