Sony mds je510 user manual

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The page is intended for use by experienced Sony MD deck owners. But if the record function don't work correctly you have to unplug the powercord.

Sony MDS-JE510 - Mini Disc Player Recorder

Follow the news on MDCP and/or try the minidisc calculator which now also handles Hi-MD! The recovery worked on the MDS-JE330, and you can post that on your site. Many thanks for saving me from my own stupidity, Steve Waterhouse ...... I reed seeing something linked to about TOC cloning, so I went there, and thence to your page: This includes, but is not limited to, damage to your equipment, to your data, to other equipment and to other data.

<i>Sony</i> <i>MDS</i>-<i>JE510</i> - Mini Disc Player Recorder

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U-TOC: [Super undo function] [Entering test mode] [TOC cloning] [Rescue an all erased disc] [Prolonging playtime on blank discs] [Prolonging disc playtime on old MD's] [Prolong disc playtime for later use] [Bypassing SCMS] [Using the pitch for extended playtime] [Minidisc calculator] [Links, manuals etc.] Welcome to my Mini Disc page! Some specifications found on : Note: Still no accurate information on the standard playmode (Atrac 292 kbps) used on the old units other that the pressrelease (see Hi-MD link above) indicates play and recording of old discs...a machine translation of Cruise/Press/200401/04-0108/ also indicates that SP recording is possible... I bought the '330 for $125 at Best Buy (open box special). Several have asked about service mode (test mode) on compact units, often I couldn't help - but now I found out the following (all Sony models)- please beware of possible risks.

Sony eSupport - MDS-JE510 - Support

I will try to gather many resources and list some tips that can make the Mini Disc use even more fun and enjoyable. At most of the Systems Service mode can be released by pressing repeat button, you don't need to unplug the power cord.

Sony mds je510 user manual:

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