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The Blood Pressure Cuff. Important But Often Neglected

Blood pressure cuff selection and sizing Errors in measurement of blood pressure have been shown to be snificant when the blood pressure cuff is too large or too small.

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The error of “miscuffing” is the most common error in an out-patient setting when it comes to blood pressure measurement (Pickering et al. The majority of these errors occur when clinicians use blood pressure cuffs that are too small for the patients.

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Is improper blood pressure cuff size a common error? You may need a large cuff if your arm size is 11 or 12 inches. The operator then listens to the sounds of the blood being pushed through as the compression is gradually reduced. The error that is introduced by too small a blood pressure cuff is a reading that is too hh and the error can be 50 mm and this is not rare.

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An essential part of measuring a blood pressure is the compression of the artery so that no blood flows through.

Large size manual blood pressure cuff:

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