Kenmore seal and save manual

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Like any man-made appliance, the Seal & Save isn’t without a few maintenance issues.

Kenmore Seal-N-Save Uncut 11"W Roll

Luckily, the common issues experienced are do-it-yourself fixes that negate the need to buy a new unit or send the unit away for repairs.

<strong>Kenmore</strong> <strong>Seal</strong>-N-<strong>Save</strong> Uncut 11

Kenmore Seal-N-Save Uncut 8"W Roll

I searched the sears parts direct and it does not come up with anything. You probably don't have any of the paperwork that came with it.

Kenmore Food Saver Product Support - Kitchen Appliance Manuals

I may have to look at the foodsaver brand parts and see if they have a rubber seal that will fit. Your probably rht about checking with the company you suggested. I get kinda upset with manufacturers who make something then don't supple parts the equipment.

Kenmore seal and save manual:

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