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THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS TG210, TG215 & TG230 FUNCTION GENERATORS INSTRUCTION MANUAL Introduction The TG210/TG215/TG230 are 2MHz function generators with waveforms of sine, triangle, ramp, pulse and DC from a variable amplitude 50 or 600 output (50 only on TG230). The frequency range is 0.02Hz to 2MHz selected by a seven decade range multiplier and calibrated vernier.

TTi Thurlby Thandar Instruments TG200 series 210,215 & 230.

Both the frequency vernier and the sweep input can give 1000:1 frequency change within a selected range.

<i>TTi</i> <i>Thurlby</i> <i>Thandar</i> Instruments TG200 series 210,215 & 230.

TG200 Series Instruction Manual - Test and Measurement Hire

DC offset is vernier adjustable over a 10V range with centre detent for 0V.

TG2000 Instruction Manual - Iss 4 - Electrocomponents

A 10:1 symmetry range permits ramp and pulse waveforms to be produced.

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