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the sterilization company Medical, aesthetic and surgical treatments often involve the use of specific instruments, which, if not handled properly, could become a vehicle for the transmission of cross contamination. It should be understood that an autoclave can accord sterilization only if it is able to generate and maintain saturated steam. Open the catalogue to page 4 A wide range of choices Dental X has over 30 years of experience with sterilization and is considered to be one of the major companies for the production of autoclaves worldwide.

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To eliminate these risks, instruments should be cleaned, disinfected and sterilised safely and efficiently. However, with the added new dimensions of globalisation, and the diffusion of new and old illnesses, greater attention to the problems of sterilization, and the social and legal consequences are required. It is not enough simply to boil water in a pressurised vessel. Axyia 6 S It is a small autoclave with 6 litre chamber, desned for sterilising wrapped and unwrapped instruments. Dental X has a complete line of autoclaves that guarantee hh standards of quality and conform completely to international standards (EN 13060).

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The Axyia Plus B is a class B autoclave with vacuum pump and an advanced system for controlled sterilization.

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Axyia 6 N It has the same dimension as the S model, but due to a lower performing drying system addresses the sterilization of unwrapped solid instruments...

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