Playstation 3 blu-ray remote control manual

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How to connect a TV remote to PS3 or PS4 to watch PlayStation Vue

Let’s hope that its replacement is just as well desned.

Instruction Manual for Sony PlayStation, Free User Guide

“No, sorry,” he said, when asked if the controller would work.

Blu-Link Universal <i>Remote</i> <i>Control</i> for <i>PlayStation</i> 3 VP3700 User.

Official PS4 Media Remote - Complete Guide -

We’re guessing that it’s the unit’s inclusion of Dual Shock 3 buttons – Start and Select, for example, are not present on the Dual Shock 4 – that’s prompted the decision, but it’s still disappointing all the same.

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Unfortunately, while many of those items will be compatible with the Play Station 4, the platform holder has confirmed that it’s shutting down support for the current generation console’s official Blu-ray remote.

Playstation 3 blu-ray remote control manual:

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