Manual 1967 chevrolet c50

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Chevrolet Engine Identification Number Uzh - Chevrolet - Chevrolet.

Instrument Panel Area B1 Heater Control B2 Heater Control B3 Instrument Panel Compartment B4 Instrument Panel Compartment Door Windshield Washer Motor Switch Emblem B5 Ash Tray Inside Rear View Mirror Radio Control Hole Covers B6 Ash Tray Windshield Wiper Switch Radio Control Hole Covers Moldings B7 Instrument Panel Compartment & Door C. Carburetion & Exhaust C1 Air Cleaner, Sticker, Carburetor & Engine Ventilation System C2 Gasoline, Spark Control Pipe & Fuel Pump C3 Air Cleaner, Sticker, Carburetor & Choke C4 Engine Ventilating System C5 Gasoline, Spark Control Pipe & Fuel Pump D.

Chevrolet Accessory codes - 348-409

Shipping List -Shipping directions for loose items C3 Shipping Protection -Front Seat Protection -Wax -Rust Proofing -Floor Mat Cover D1 Lubrication -Zinc Oxide Grease Locations D2 Lubrication - Zinc Oxide Grease Locations (cont) - Chassis D3 Lubrication -Engine -Automatic Transmission -Syncromesh Transmission -Graphite Grease -Brake Fluid -Clutch Push Rod D4 Lubrication -Direction Snal -Battery Terminal -Rear Axle -Tire to Rim -Steering Gear Jacket Seal -A/C Compressor Fitting -Engine Compartment -Automatic Transmission -Prop Shaft Yoke D5 Cements & Sealers -Cowl Ledge Seal -Windshield Washer Harness -Windshield Wiper Trans -Upper Fender Skirt -Headlamp Filler Panel -Radiator Support -Caution Sticker -Blower Assembly Seal D6 Cements & Sealers -Clutch Pedal Push Rod Dash Seal -Price Label -Front Suspension Reinforcement Seal -Gas Tank -Hood Assembly Insulator -Distributor -Steering Column Dash Collar E1 Paint & Trim -Underbody Protective Coating -Radiator Sealing Compound -A/C Refrerant -Anti-Freeze -Gas Tank Filler Neck -Windshield Washer Fluid -Wax F1 Publications G1 Export Info UPC 1 BODY A. Belt Trains A1 Engine Contents A2 Engine Contents A3 Generator Mounting, Fan, Belt & Pulleys A4 Generator Mounting, Fan, Belt & Pulleys A5 Belt Routing A6 Belt Routing B.

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The Novak Guide to the GM Muncie SM465 Transmission

Dash Panel Area A1 Body Contents A2 Windshield Wiper Motor A3 Windshield Wiper Rod Assembly, Blade & Linkage A4 Windshield Washer Jar A5 Windshield Washer Motor Wire, Nozzles & Hoses A6 Windshield Washer Motor Wire A7 Windshield Wiper Pattern A8 Dash Mats & Windshield Wiper Motor Cover A9 Defroster Outlet Assembly A10 Heater Blower & Distributor Assembly A11 Car Heater Installation A12 Heater Hose A13 Heater Control Assembly B. C2 Parking Brake Equalizer & RR Cable C3 Parking Brake Lever & Front Cable R. Cooling Electrical & Mounting B1 Radiator Hoses B2 Oil Filler, Gage & Filter B3 Starting Motor Mounting B4 Spark Plug Wiring and Coil B5 Spark Plug Wiring, Shields and Coil B6 Voltage Regulator & nition Switch B7 Engine Front Mounting B8 Engine Front Mounting & Painting B9 Engine Front Mounting & Painting B10 Engine Rear Mounting C.

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I'm not sure why, but there is no section #2 or #13 - but it seems to be chronological by page number. Enjoy the Site, NPHNP Steve 1967 Assembly Manual Part 0 & 1 ( Part 3 & 4 ( Part 5 & 6 ( Part 7 & 8 ( Part 9 – [11-13] ( Part 12 ( Part 14 ( Options 0 ( Options 1 ( Options 2 ( Options 3 ( Trans.pdf) Options 4 ( Trans.pdf) Options 5 ( Options 6 ( 0 GENERAL INFORMATION A1 Introduction A2 General Index A3 General Information -Symbol Legend A4 General Information A5 General Instructions -Fastener Descriptions A6 General Instructions -Clip Descriptions -Hose Installation A7 Stapling Instructions ( B1 Labels and Stickers -Tire Pressure Sticker -Price Label B2 Vehicle Identification Plate -VIN Tag and Rivets B3 Vehicle Protect-O-Plate -Stamp instructions -Option Codes C1 Misc.

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