Instruments ti 83 plus user manual

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Some Matrix Operations with TI-83

The actual mineral database is in Microsoft Access. To produce the mineral website, I use MS access queries, forms and/or reports for exporting the mineral data out of access in a text format that is usable by SAS or for importation into a My SQL table.

TI-83 Plus Developer Guide -

I have different access reports, forms, and queries for most of the tables in the mineral database. For example, I use SAS to create each of the individual mineral pages using their macro language to format each page as an individual file (all 4,714 of them).

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MSAC - Medical Services Advisory Committee

When all the pages are created, I use Expression Web ver 2 to chase down broken links, provide web continuity, and supply the final formatting. Added an element weht percent search form to allow custom searches for mineral compositions.

What's New - Web Mineral

The SAS programming takes care of generating the links, creating the load files for My SQL, and creating the other pages.

Instruments ti 83 plus user manual:

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