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Students successfully completing a course taught in concert with both Books 1 and 2 can expect to reach the ACTFL Intermediate range in speaking and Intermediate Hh in reading and listening.

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Each volume of GOLOSA includes a Main Textbook, and a Student Activities manual (S. M.) with laboratory drills, written exercises, and Video activities.

<em>Golosa</em> Book I Lab <em>Manual</em> A Basic Course in Russian Lab <em>Manual</em>/.


With room for tests, finals, and time lost to administrative tasks, that comes to about 200 hours of contact instruction.

GolosaA Basic Course in Russian, Book 1 - Richard Robin -.

The audio program runs approximately 15 hours per volume and includes listening comprehension exercises, speaking dialogues, and rapid-pace oral drills. includes over two hours of interviews with everyday Russians in Russia.

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