Examples of training manual truss manufactoring

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Hyrdplenintem - example of a diversity training manual

Fully assembled, the ISS will weht approximately 470 tons (lb), and will measure 356 ft wide by 290 ft long (WWW-1). Over the course of 45 missions, more than 100 elements will become apart of the ISS (WWW-1).

Training Manual Example

Pressure Equalization Valves Positive Pressure Relief Valve (PPRV) Manual Pressure Relief Valve (MPRV) Negative Pressure Relief Valve (NPRV) 14.3-3 Vestibule & Operations Hardware Jumpers 14.3-4 ISS Racks Rack Types System Rack Payload Rack Stowage Rack Rack Components Upper Attachment Mechanism Knee Braces Lower Attachment Mechaninsm Pivot Mechanism Pivot Pin Fitting Utility Interface Panel Connectors 14.3-5 Umbilical Connectors & Operations Connection Types NASA Zero-G Lever (NZGL) NASA Zero-G Wing (NZGW) NASA Breech Lock Coupling (NBLC) NASA Threaded Coupling (NATC) Operations Operations of (NZGL, NZGW, and NBLC) Operations of (NATC) 14.3-6 Common Berthing Mechanism (CBM) CBM Introduction Active Common Berthing Mechanism (ACBM) Active Common Berthing Mechanism Components ACBM Structural & Sealing Support ACBM Capture Equipment ACBM Alnment Aids ACBM Bolt Assembly ACBM Motor Controllers ACBM Thermal Striker Plates ACBM Covers Passive Common Berthing Mechanism (PCBM) Passive Common Berthing Mechanism Components PCBM Structural Sealing & Support PCBM Capture Equipment PCBM Alnment Aids PCBM Nut Assembly PCBM Covers CBM Flht Rules 14.3-7 Manual Berthing Mechanism (BMM) Manual Berthing Mechanism Components MBM Bolt Assembly MBM Drive Screw Assembly MBM Alnment Aids MBM Latch Assembly MBM Covers 14.3-8 Segment-to-Segment Attachment System (SSAS) Segment-to-Segment Attachment System Components SSAS Support Structure SSAS Alnment Aids SSAS Capture Equipment SSAS Bolt & Nut Assembly SSAS Motor Controllers 14.4 EXTERNAL FORCES OF SPACE 14.4-1 External Materials of Space Particle Debris Intro Particle Debris Protection for the ISS U. MMOD System Russian MMOD System 14.5 CONCLUSION 14.5-1 Structures Summary 14.5-2Mechanisms Summary 14.5-3 External Forces of Space Summary 14.5-4 Collective Summary of ISS STRUCTURES AND MECHANANISMS Back to Top Scheduled to be completed in the year 2004, the International Space Station (ISS) will become the largest zero gravity test facility constructed by mankind (ISSUG).

Cargospot <em>training</em> <em>manual</em> - download or read online on biy.eu

Cargospot training manual - download or read online on biy.eu

Mechanisms on Station are desned to mate/demate, supply stowage and enable hher-complex task to be accomplished by much restricted Extravehicular Activity (EVA)/Intravehicular Activity (IVA) operations.

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The structural principals of the ISS are to use lhtweht materials, maintain low resource cost, while assuring quality, reliability and durability (Wertz & Larson).

Examples of training manual truss manufactoring:

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