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But section 30.7.3 of Chapter 8 of the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual specifiy says: “An outside pass or short leave of absence for the purpose of attending a special relious service, holiday meal, family occasion, going on a car ride, or for a trial visit home, is not, by itself evidence that the individual no longer needs to be in a SNF for the receipt of required sed care.” Furthermore, the regulation adds, it is “not appropriate” for an SNF to tell a patient that “leaving the facility will result in a denial of coverage.” Medicare coverage for SNF care is based on 24-hour periods that run from midnht to midnht.

Ask Ms. Medicare Medicare Policies for Briefly Leaving a Sed.

So if a patient leaves the facility for a few hours but returns before midnht, he or she is regarded as having been there all day and there is no loss of Medicare payment or coverage.

Overcoming Barriers to <i>Medicare</i> Coverage of Sed Nursing.

Physiatrists Role in Sed Nursing Facilities - American Academy of.

What about overnht absences—for example, to return to the family for Christmas, Hanukkah or Thanksgiving—or for a visit of several days?

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My mother is in a sed nursing facility for rehabilitation after surgery.

Cms medicare benefit policy manual chapter 8:

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