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Action verbs입다 = to wear잡다 = to catch씹다 = to bite Descriptive verbs좁다 = to be narrow넓다 = to be wide These words still keep their ᄇ in front of vowels.

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Sankt Petyr, renowned for his bravery, on the rht; the slender, bone-handled blade she’d named for Sankta Alina on the left. Sankta Marya and Sankta Anastasia strapped to her thhs.

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Editorial The Blog As Your Voice LIKE THE POLAR bear that hibernates for extended periods of time, one of India's best-written blogs was in hiding for a year.

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Sankt Vladimir hidden in her boot, and Sankta Lizabeta snug at her belt, the blade etched in a pattern of roses. She had to believe her Saints saw and understood the things she did to survive.

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