Keihin 722 carb manual

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(1) General information (2) Specifications (S) Periodic checks: and adjustments (i) Engine? ) Chassis (8) Electrical system (9) Troubleshooting Symbols© to® indicate the following.

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tp identify parts and clarify procedure steps, there are exploded diagrams at the start of each removal and disassembly section.

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Service manual for the Keihin CVK34 carb? - Ex-500- The home.

Comprehensive explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, repair and check procedures are laid out with the individual steps in sequential order. An abbreviation and symbol in the upper rht corner of each page indicate the current chapter. (3) Sub-section titles appear in smaller print than the section title.

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)bs requiring more information (such as special tools and cal data) are described sequen- tially. 8EMOW4G THE CLUTCH ■«*»-— - (13) I&&I ENG , vi CARBi ^ ELEC i F~~ fcti M fcim IH %«# | J A n a p.| Q ® '23) i : »| -mmx : .--P '^w Klflr i '"W '■;; SYMBOLS The following symbols are not relevant to every vehicle.

Keihin 722 carb manual:

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