T100 3rz-fe engine wiring manual

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There are 3 primary parts of this OEM 3RZ fuel injection circuit. This is the harness that is primarily attached to the engine. This harness connects the engine components such as the fuel injectors, nition coils, air flow meter, etc. The second part is the Engine Control Unit, or ECU. This maze of solid state circuitry uses various input snals and outputs to control the engine.

Rz Wiring Diagram - YouTube

This is also ed the Engine Control Module, or ECM. The third part of the 3RZ electronic fuel injection circuit is the body harness.

Conversion <strong>Wiring</strong> - Toy Only swaps

Conversion Wiring - Toy Only swaps

The wiring is possibly the most complicated part of a 3RZ-FE engine conversion.

O2 Sensor On a Toyota 3RZ FE Engine - YouTube

The 3RZ-FE / 2RZ-FE (2.7L or 2.4L) fuel injection system is entirely different from that of the older Toyotas.

T100 3rz-fe engine wiring manual:

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