Style manual and movie titles

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ASA Style Guide - Durham cal Community College

Please indicate in the manuscript where you would like images to appear, and a caption.

U. S. Government Printing Office Style Manual - Chapter 3.

Australian spelling Colour rather than color Dialogue rather than dialog Recognisable rather than recognizable Nehbour rather than nehbor Travelled rather than traveled Film titles In italics, followed by director’s name and year of release in parentheses. Century, twentieth century, Twentieth Century)Quotes and punctuation For sentences, punctuation inside quote marks: Eg: Although Bazin wrote, “the Western is the only genre whose orins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself,” others have disputed this claim.

<i>Style</i> Guide • Senses of Cinema

Style Guide - McMaster University

For single words or very short phrases, punctuation outside quote marks: Eg: She later declared that of all her films, this was her “least favourite”.

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Dashes En dashes for dashes within sentences, with a space either side.

Style manual and movie titles:

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