Phaser 8860 mfp service manual

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REPAIRS AND ADJUSTMENTS Disassembly Overview REP 1.0.1 Front Door / Tray 1 Assembly REP 1.0.6 Output Tray (8860MFP) REP 1.0.7 Left Side Cover (8860MFP) REP 1.0.8 Scanner Hinges (8860MFP) REP 1.0.9 Control Panel (8860MFP) REP 1.0.11 Scanner Assembly (8860MFP) REP 1.0.13 DADF Front Cover (8860MFP) REP 1.0.15 Duplex Automatic Document Feeder (8860MFP) REP 1.0.19 DADF Hinges (8860MFP) REP 1.0.20 Rear Cover (8860MFP) REP 1.0.21 Rht Side Cover (8860MFP) REP 1.1.5 Control Panel Cover (8860) REP 1.1.6 Control Panel (8860) REP 1.1.7 Exit Cover (8860) REP 1.1.8 Ink Loader (8860) REP 1.1.9 Left Side Cover (8860) REP 1.1.10 Rht Side Cover (8860) REP 2.0.1 Ink Loader (8860MFP) REP 2.0.2 Printhead REP 2.0.3 Drum Assembly REP 2.0.4 Y-Axis Belt REP 2.0.5 Printhead Wiper Blade and Wiper Belt REP 2.0.7 Purge Pressure Pump REP 2.0.8 Left and Rht Printhead Restraints REP 2.0.10 Transfix Camshaft REP 2.0.11 Drum Maintenance Camshaft REP 2.0.12 Stripper Carriage Assembly REP 2.0.13 Transfix Roller REP 2.0.14 Y-Axis Spring REP 2.0.15 Transfix Load Module REP 2.0.16 Drum Maintenance Pivot Plate REP 2.0.17 Preheater and Deskew Assembly REP 2.0.21 X-Axis Bias Spring REP 2.0.22 Preheater Lift Solenoid REP 3.0.1 Inner Simplex Guide REP 3.0.2 Lower Duplex Guide REP 3.0.3 Take Away Roller REP 3.0.4 Duplex Roller REP 3.0.5 Upper Duplex Guide and Solenoid REP 3.0.6 Outer Duplex Guide REP 3.0.7 Exit Module (8860MFP) REP 3.0.14 System Stabilizer REP 3.0.18 Pick and Retard Rollers REP 3.1.13 Exit Module (8860) REP 4.0.3 Scanner Power Supply Fan (8860MFP) REP 4.0.4 Head Maintenance Clutch REP 4.0.5 X-Axis Motor REP 4.0.6 Drum Fan REP 4.0.7 Process Drive REP 4.0.8 Exit Roller Motor (8860MFP) REP 4.0.9 Exit Elevator Motor (8860MFP) REP 4.0.10 Tray 2 Lift Motor Gear REP 4.0.11 Y-Axis Motor Assembly REP 4.0.12 Tray 1 Pick Solenoid REP 4.0.13 Tray 2 Lift Motor REP 4.0.14 Media Drive Assembly REP 4.0.15 Electronics Module Cooling Fan REP 4.0.16 Head Tilt Gear REP 4.0.18 Fax Speaker (8860MFP) REP 4.0.20 Head Tilt Solenoid REP 5.0.1 Exit Module Control Board (8860MFP) REP 5.0.2 Scanner Power Supply (8860MFP) REP 5.0.4 Wave Amplifier REP 5.0.5 Electronics Module REP 5.0.7 Hard Drive REP 5.0.8 RAM REP 5.0.9 NVRAM REP 5.0.13 I/O Board REP 5.0.19 Drum Heater Relay Board REP 5.0.24 Back Frame (8860MFP) REP 5.0.26 FDI Board (8860MFP Option) REP 6.0.1 Scanner Detect Sensor (8860MFP) REP 6.0.2 Front Door and Exit Door Interlock Switches REP 6.0.4 Drum Temperature Sensor REP 6.0.6 Waste Tray Detect Sensor REP 6.0.7 Paper Size Switch REP 6.0.8 No Paper Sensor REP 6.0.9 Paper Heht Sensor REP 6.0.11 Output Tray Full Sensor (8860MFP) ADJ 1.15.1 DADF to Scanner Calibration (8860MFP) ADJ 2.2.1 Printhead Parking ADJ 2.5.1 Wiper Blade Alnment ADJ 4.7.1 Process Drive Alnment ADJ 4.13.1 Head Tilt Gear and Printhead Homing 5.

Xerox Phaser 8860 - Welcome - Service Repair Manuals

Every chapter on this manual is fully detailed and contain all the simulation codes, trouble codes, maintenance procedures, reset procedures, diagnose procedures of Xerox Phaser 8860, Phaser 8860MFP photocopier. To see what contain, please read table of contents: 1.

Xerox <strong>Phaser</strong> <strong>8860</strong> - Welcome - <strong>Service</strong> Repair <strong>Manuals</strong>

Phaser 8560MFP/8860MFP Multifunction Printer User Guide

SERVICE PROCEDURES Service Procedures Initial Actions Routine Maintenance Activities Cleaning Procedures Final Actions 2.

Xerox Phaser 8860 MFP Service Manual PDF Download

Service Manual & Parts List Xerox Phaser 8860, Phaser 8860MFP; This manual, Xerox Phaser 8860, Phaser 8860MFP, is in the PDF format and have detailed Diagrams, pictures and full procedures to diagnose and repair your copier.

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