Invitrogen multisite gateway manual

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MultiSite Gateway Vector Construction Kit_2- Thermo

See also the Gateway tips on the Lawson lab website.

Gateway for Tonies - POST

Please report problems or questions on the Tol2kit blog.

<strong>Gateway</strong> Cloning - QIAGEN Bioinformatics

A Gateway MultiSite Recombination Cloning Toolkit -

However, note that destination vectors have an ampicillin resistance gene in the backbone, donor vectors have a kanamycin resistance gene in the backbone, and both have a ccd B suicide gene and a coramphenicol resistance gene in the "gate" (the ccd B provides negative selection during the BP or LR reaction).

MultiSite Gateway ® Three-Fragment Vector Construction

Here are optimized methods and tips from the Chien lab, adopted after trial and error, which work consistently in our hands.

Invitrogen multisite gateway manual:

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