Headshok lefty repair manual

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Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale makes a tool to remove this with, but you have a Green Park (SPA1) pin spanner it will work as well.


Once this is removed the shock will telescope freely in and out.

Cyclinic Cannondale <em>manual</em> and Tech Information - Cyclinic

Vintage Cannondale - Head Shok Info

This cap that was just removed is attached to an aluminum pushrod at the interface between the pushrod and cap there may be a foam ring, slide down the ring to expose an area to put a wrench on, then with you pin spanner you can then remove the top cap.

Cyclinic Cannondale manual and Tech Information - Cyclinic

To make it easier on yourself, it's best to have the shocked removed before proceeding.

Headshok lefty repair manual:

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