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This camera is desned to take the prosumer end of the dital camera market by storm, everyone is fully aware of the image quality of the EOS 10D (considered by many as the benchmark six megapixel dital SLR), and so a consumer priced dital SLR based on the same sensor is irrefutably attractive to anyone who would have previously considered an 'all in one' prosumer dital cameras.

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This camera is probably the most fundamentally important step for dital SLR's since the introduction of the Nikon D1.

<strong>CANON</strong> EOS EOS <strong>300D</strong> INSTRUCTION <strong>MANUAL</strong> Pdf


The EOS 300D's plastic body is just one of the elements used to reduce the cost of the camera, others include the use of a pentamirror in the viewfinder instead of a pentaprism, a reduction of features (although I feel that much of this is simply firmware crippling) and a shifting of manufacturing from Japan to Taiwan.

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On 20th August 2003 Canon surprised many people (not least us) when it announced its $899 / €1,099 EOS 300D (Dital Rebel).

Canon 300d manual download:

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