Bcw standards and implementation manual

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This paper aims to describe the systematic processes that took place in collaboratively developing the behaviour change intervention. The process was collaborative and iterative with four stages of development emerging (i) establishing an intervention development ; (ii) structured discussions to understand the problem, prioritise target behaviours and analyse target behaviours; (iii) collaborative desn of theoretiy underpinned intervention components and (iv) piloting and refining of intervention components.

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The intervention development consisted of the research team and stroke therapy team at a local stroke rehabilitation unit.

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The number of repetitions needed is suggested to be in the order of hundreds, but this is not currently being achieved in clinical practice.

Development of a behaviour change

In an effort to bridge this evidence-practice gap, we have developed a behaviour change intervention that aims to increase provision of upper limb repetitive task-oriented training in stroke rehabilitation.

Bcw standards and implementation manual:

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