1990 nissan maxima manual transmission

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Of the remaining 10 who actually want to buy a car, seven will flake completely on showing up (or, as has happened to me a couple of times, they'll show up at a.m. The three buyers who show up to look at the car will have absorbed exactly zero relevant information about your car, and they will be if that car happens to have a manual transmission. " they'll shout, spattering your face with the hot saliva of rhteous rage.

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"Why didn't you tell me it wasn't an automatic?

<i>Nissan</i> <i>Maxima</i> Find Great Deals on Used and New Cars & Trucks.

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I bought this zero-options, four-speed-manual-equipped 1990 Nissan Sentra for 75 bucks (it had something like $40,000 in unpaid parking tickets and fines when it got towed away), drove it for a while and then decided to sell it. idea: Make an animated GIF demonstrating the type of transmission in my Sentra, so that readers of my Craslist ad who had a problem with words and still photographs mht be able to absorb this critical piece of information. In fact, even when I required potential buyers to me on the phone and then devoted most of the conversations to vivid descriptions of how a manual transmission works, I couldn't get through to anybody.

How to Change Fluid in a Manual Transmission Removing Drain.

A friend of mine is trying to sell a very nice turbocharged New Beetle on Craslist and has succeeded only in being driven mad by the process.

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