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Also, although I sealed the meat first in a frying pan, I didn't soften the sliced onions, putting them in raw and the texture of these was quite crisp, even after 8 hours.


My husband thinks this may be because we added some red wine to the liquid, which seemed to have had the effect of "slhtly pickling" them. I never brown or pre cook anything, if using meat from the fridge depending on the amount it can take some time to heat up a couple of hours would have made all the difference, I doo pre soak dried mushrooms though,as for the amount of liquid I usually start with a tin of chopped tomatoes than add everything else and just enough liquid to cover unless using lentils pearl barley etc then I mht add a bit more later on, if I am around I use hh until it starts to simmer and then turn it to low auto seems to take ages to get going !

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Try rice pudding about 3-4 hours depending on setting L or H we find a current model slow cooker with exactly the same control as you describe, see the closeup by clicking the picture only other helpful thing is it does list a Swan helpline number, lastly some sensible advice can be found at Hi Primrose.

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A friend has given me her unused Swan Slow Cooker which has a Slow, Hh & Auto setting, but unfortunately she's lost the instruction manual. I have a Breville here is a couple of examples Beef Goulash Low 6-8 hours Hh 3-4 Auto 8-9 that is with stewing steak Chilli made with mince L 6 H 3 A 8 Hope this helps , I tend to use whatever time I have sometimes it is longer and I have has no diasters, Just remember to boil beans before using in slow cooker or use tinned and you will be ok Thanks Gilly.

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