Star trek 25th aniversary manual

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Fortunately though for us, avid gamers, not all the Star Trek games are unplayable there are exceptions to that rule.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary - Help, Docs, Documentation - Lemon.

Star Trek: 25th anniversary is just such an exception.

<em>Star</em> <em>Trek</em> <em>25th</em> Anniversary <em>Manual</em>.pdf

Star Trek 25th Anniversary Manual.pdf

Star Trek: 25th anniversary is by no means the first Star Trek PC game.

Star Trek 25th Anniversary on Steam

Quite a few attempts had been made to produce a decent Star Trek title, from simple trivia question games to full fledged adventure games that featured either cast from the orinal series (TOS) or the next generation (TNG). That all changed however when in 1992 Interplay arrived on the scene.

Star trek 25th aniversary manual:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates