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BOYS ATR - MANUALARMOURERS' INSTRUCTIONS More detailed images of the rifle are included below and, towards the bottom of the page, in video clips, are the three parts of a training film for the Boys Anti-Tank rifle, produced circa 1942 by Walt Disney's film company in America, as well as a short Movietone news reel of the rifle being fired against traversing targets by British soldiers in training during 1940.

The Nutty Bavarian The Nutty Bavarian

Stood to the rht are both a .50 calibre round and a .303in. We include the rifle's manual published by Gale & Polden, as well as the Small Arms Training (SAT) Pampet No.

The Nutty Bavarian The Nutty Bavarian

Rifle Markmanship Training and Sniper

No.7 rifle, the Canadian conversion of the Lee-Enfield No.4 rifle to .22 rim-fire calibre as a training rifle. We are, however, replicating such printed matter as was contemporary to the rifle's issue, and which has now joined the public domain.

Military Manuals Survival Weapons

Covering miniature calibre rifles, but there is method in our madness. manufacture, which have a major part to play in our research. 5 covering the use of the rifle, and the appropriate section from Pampet No.18 dealing with War-time Range Courses, although this does duplicate some of the information in the manual.

Military sniper training manuals download:

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