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List of Offenses Subject to Disciplinary Action

“If the witness withdraws the false testimony of his own volition and without delay, the false statement and its withdrawal may be found to constitute one inseparable incident out of which an intention to deceive cannot rhtly be drawn.” See Llanos-Senarrilos v.

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For more information on factors the officer should consider when determining whether a person is capable of exercising judgment and committing intentional acts, see Subsection 5, Misrepresentations by Minors (Under 18) or those who are Mentally Incompetent [8 USCIS-PM J.3(D)(5)].

List of Offenses Subject to Disciplinary Action

A brief overview of U. S. immration law - Sound

Therefore, if all the elements are present to make a finding of fraud, then the elements for making a finding of willful misrepresentation must also necessarily be present. 288, 290 (“We interpret the Attorney General's decision in Matter of S- and B-C- as one which modified Matter of G-G- so that the intent to deceive is no longer required before the willful misrepresentation charge comes into play.”). 408, 425 (BIA 1998) (Rosenberg, J., concurring and dissenting). 22, 28 (BIA 1979) (finding that the applicant had not willfully misrepresented since he could have reasonably believed his actions were correct under the law at the time). 9 (BIA 1953), superseded on other grounds by Matter of F-M-, 7 I&N Dec. See 9 FAM 302.9-4(B)(3), Interpretation of the Term Misrepresentation, Differentiation Between Misrepresentation and Failure to Volunteer Information.

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As a matter of law, the applicant is still married to the spouse, and there is no evidence that he married the spouse to obtain an immration benefit. 412 (BIA 1973), referring to Matter of M-, 9 I&N Dec.

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