Allen and heath mixmaster 16.2 owners manual

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Ok, so that's my experience of this mixer series, and i would not hesitate to use one again as a front-end for a PC dital system nowadays if I had the space. - These would be perfect also for anyone seeking to setup a budget/midrange classic analog style studio to accompany a 16 track.

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Allen & Heath System 8 mixers can be found reasonably easily in the free-ad's and I think they are one of the finest choices for a cheap affordable s/h mixer despite their age.

<i>ALLEN</i> & <i>HEATH</i> S2 CAL <i>MANUAL</i> Pdf Download.

Back in the day, just before the super-budget breakthru of the narrow format tape machines arrived from Fostex etc, 3 mixers ruled the earth for budget price studio's.


The Studiomasters, the Soundcrafts and the Allen & Heaths.

Allen and heath mixmaster 16.2 owners manual:

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