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Simple Sabotage Field Manual - FULL Audio Book - by

Weapons developed during wartime have many civilian uses.

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Explains my why my IPAD is taking so long but why is the OSS attacking Apple? "(b) Managers and Supervisors (1) Demand written orders. Ask endless questions or engage in long correspondence .... (3) Do everything possible to delay the delivery of orders. (5) Order hh-quality materials which are hard to get... See that the important jobs are assned to inefficient workers of poor machines.

Sedition Subversion and <strong>Sabotage</strong> Field Manual

World War II Sabotage Field Manual - Schneier on

(7) Insist on perfect work in relatively unimportant products; ...

Sedition Subversion and Sabotage Field Manual

(8) Make mistakes in routing so that parts and materials will be sent to the wrong place in the plant.

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