Clean my registry manually

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Five free Windows registry cleaners to keep your system running.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to selectively search for, analyse and remove entries.

How To Manually Remove a Virus From Your Computer - Windows 7

Just as importantly, I'll also reveal how to put them back again should your clean-out create more problems than it solves. Make sure you select 'Custom Install (Advanced)' during the setup process - untick 'Install Auslogics Boost Speed' to ensure it's not installed alongside Registry Cleaner itself. You'll then be offer an additional download – click 'Decline' and then close the browser window that opens.

Microsoft does not support use of <i>Registry</i> <i>Cleaners</i> in Windows

Microsoft does not support use of Registry Cleaners in Windows

Before proceeding any further, take a System Restore point: type 'system' into the Search box and click 'Create a restore point'.

Registry cleanup after failed Java uninstall

They're often billed as a magic cure for problems or promise performance improvements, but if you scan blindly and let a Registry cleaning tool simply delete everything it finds you'll eventually run into trouble – and you won't notice any speed boost either.

Clean my registry manually:

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